Items being Held by Artex for me (Eric)

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Artex is the fine art storage facility used by Eric

In order to protect and preserve my artwork, along with other items of personal interest,
I have chosen the Fine Art Storage services of Artex, located outside of Boston.


Eric had the honor of studying with the great artist Leonard Baskin. This relationship began in the early 1980s when Eric started college. Normally Leonard only worked with senior students, but in reviewing Eric's art, he invited Eric to study with him as a freshman.

There are a number of works by Leonard Baskin in storage with Artex. Leonard would occasionally give Eric one of his pieces, or would trade with Eric for some of his art.

Leonard asked Eric if his father's name was Russian, and when he learned it was, he commented "Ah, that would explain your prodigious talent." Another time Eric was with Leonard while he was rolling up some graphic work to give to his brother to sell, and Eric fondly remarked, "The maestro in his studio." Leonard replied, "You are a maestro, only you don't know it." Eric studied with Leonard for a decade.